What Are Some Amazing Things About The SHAMS Free Zone

The digitalization process makes getting a company license in SHAMS Free Zone easy. As a result, investors can register companies in this free zone very quickly. Companies can get their licenses within two to three days after application, even if they do not have a No Objection Certificate. Companies can also operate out of one office space in SHAMS Free Zone. As a result, you can set up several companies in one location, all of which require one license. If you are considering SHAMS business set up, here is some great things you should know about it. 

Sharjah Media City is a world-class media and creative hub:

A free zone dedicated to the media and creative industry has been launched in Sharjah. The Sharjah Media City Free Zone has quickly gained popularity among foreign investors. This is because Sharjah is renowned for being an entrepreneur-friendly environment and its cultural affiliations. In addition, the Sharjah Media City Free Zone offers numerous business set-up packages, including 100% ownership and tax exemption.

It offers a low-cost company setup:

Several benefits of establishing a company in the SHAMS Free Zone are numerous. The low startup costs, easy visa applications, and corporate bank accounts are among them. Furthermore, there are no annual audits or physical presence requirements. In addition, the low cost of company setup in the SHAMS Free Zone is ideal for companies with little or no capital. There are 120+ business activities you can carry out within the zone.

It allows multiple businesses to operate out of one office space:

Whether running a small startup or an international conglomerate, Shams Free Zone offers flexible office solutions to fit your needs. Office spaces in Shams Free Zone are set in contemporary-styled spaces that combine practicality and innovation. They make work enjoyable while providing the infrastructure necessary for thriving businesses. With more than 120 different businesses in the area, Shams’s Free Zone provides a unique opportunity for growth.

It allows ex-pats to repatriate all of their earnings:

In 2017, the UAE launched the Shams free zone to boost business and digital activities in the region. Developed to be a highly accessible and thriving ecosystem, the free zone allows foreign investors to own 100 percent of their company. Generally, this requires a partnership with a UAE national on the mainland. Moreover, this free zone allows foreign investors to repatriate their earnings and capital to their home countries.

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