Tips to Take Care of a Rental Car

Before you hire Ferrari in Dubai, it’s important to understand how to take care of it properly. Here are some tips: Run the air conditioning, check fluid levels, and ensure your tires have air. Become familiar with all of the car’s systems, and ensure you’ve read the owner’s manual. If possible, carry the rental agency’s contact information with you when you return the car.

Avoid overpaying for insurance:

Whether you own a home or rent a car, it is vital to get the proper insurance coverage. Although certain factors like age and gender will influence your insurance rate, you can still avoid overpaying for coverage. You should check your policy regularly and shop around for a better deal. In addition to checking your policy, you should always ask for a written quote before committing to a policy.

Inspect the car thoroughly:

Before you drive off in your rented car, it is important to inspect the vehicle carefully. Be sure to photograph any damages, blemishes, or issues and report them immediately. Otherwise, you may pay for damage that you did not see. Also, if the vehicle has been damaged in an accident, be sure to document it to show the rental car company.

Clean the car before returning it:

Before returning the car, you should vacuum the interior thoroughly. Most car rental companies will charge you for additional cleaning if you do more than a quick vacuum. This is a great way to get rid of extra items, but keep in mind that there are limits. For example, if the car is filthy, you may be charged a per-gallon cleaning fee. A half-hour buffer is a good idea. This will give you time to clean the car before returning it.

Avoid penalties for late returns:

If you plan to extend your trip or make a last-minute change to your travel plans, it is important to consider the consequences of returning the rental vehicle late. Depending on your rental agreement, you can avoid late charges by making sure to arrive early or return the car before your due date. While you may think you can get a replacement car for free if you return the rental car early, this strategy could result in a penalty of up to Dh 100 per day.

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