Long-Lasting Car Paints & Their Types

There are many types of car paint available on the market today, each offering a different level of protection. Urethane car paint, 3M tinting in Sharjah, along with high-quality acrylics, are very popular choices, and we have selected a few of these top performers for your consideration. Before you start shopping though, it is important that you understand the three main types of auto paint and how they work, so that you can make an informed choice when choosing your next vehicle’s paint.

The first type of car paint is the traditional acrylic coating:

Acrylic is derived from oil and is usually blended with binders, waxes, or other additives to create an extremely thick and reflective finish. Though this is one of the oldest forms of car paint, it is also one of the least effective. With its rigid structure, acrylics cannot be thinned down to a proper consistency, making them prone to bubbles and puffs. In addition, if left unprotected, acrylics will not stand up to the elements and a dull, lackluster finish is likely to result along with paint protection in Dubai.

Next is the urethane coat por-15:

As the name suggests, urethane primer is meant to be applied to bare metal, rather than the entire panel. By applying a thin layer of urethane primer onto the surface of the panel, you can ensure that:

  • rust
  • dust
  • other contaminates will not prematurely dull or discolor the panels

This is perhaps the most common form of automotive paint applied today, although it is by no means the only one. Finally, there are two-stage urethane (also known as high-performance paints). These types of acrylic paints are typically water-based, as they are able to emulate the properties of other acrylics, as well as many top-end automotive paints.

Clear Coat Finishes:

However, many manufacturers have begun to produce clear coat finishes as an alternative to acrylic lacquers. Clear coat finishes resemble the look of oil-based finishes, but water-based ones actually produce a gloss that rivals that of oil-based finishes. These types of finishes are especially popular among vehicle restoration experts, as they mimic the shine of classic antiwar floors.

In addition to their low cost and versatility, clear coats are also popular because of their low maintenance. Unlike other types of paint finishes, they are easy to strip if they become too stained, allowing for a quick clean-up.

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