Interior Design Types Explained

Interior design is a science and art that helps enhance the interior of a building using the space. An interior designer is an expert in this field who researches, manage and coordinate these enhancement projects. If you are into interior design, there are several styles of interior design you need to know. These styles include the French country, the Scandinavian, and the transitional styles. Each one has its characteristics. In this article, we’ll examine some of the key characteristics of these styles. If you are looking for an architectural consultancy firm in Dubai, click this link.

Transitional style:

The Transitional style in interior design is a modern style with classical roots. It is not overly expensive and does not feature conspicuous elements, but it does feature luxurious materials and vintage items. Generally, this style will favor smooth, simple forms and colors with very few surprises.

While the transitional style is a great way to blend traditional and modern designs, it is not suitable for all rooms. A transitional living room might include a traditional chair, framed modern artwork, and contemporary lighting. The same is true for a bedroom. The bedroom should be elegant and have clean lines, a classic statement piece, and a contemporary color palette.

Scandinavian style:

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by the use of natural lines and geometric forms. This style emphasizes a simple, uncluttered home, a natural environment, and things that last. It also challenges rampant consumerism with its minimalist and practical aesthetic. Its emphasis on coziness, simplicity, and lightness makes it an attractive choice for many types of homes.

White and light pastel tones are common colors in Scandinavian interior design. These neutral colors create a clean canvas and are easy to accent with color accents. Light wood is also a good choice. Decorative accents can add warmth and character to a room’s overall theme. White is also an excellent choice for rooms that face the south and get more sunlight. It also serves as a perfect backdrop for color accents.

French country style:

The French country style embodies comfort and subtlety in interior design. It makes use of natural materials such as wood beams and stone or wood floors. It is also known for its use of patterns, including simple stripes and plaids. In addition, it makes use of new and vintage furniture. It also incorporates antiqued wood and decorative elements such as baskets, woven rugs, and ceramics. The furniture should also be comfortable and have curved edges.

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