An Ultimate Guide To Starting A Business In Dubai’s Mainland

Setting up a business on the UAE’s mainland is an exciting prospect. If you follow the right steps, you could have a business up and running within fifteen minutes! While this isn’t always possible, the UAE government has introduced a service called Bashr that will help investors’ mainland company formation in Dubai in a matter of minutes, by connecting them with local and federal government entities. Through this service, investors can obtain the required permits, licenses, and more for their ventures.

Setting up a company in Dubai’s mainland:

Setting up a company on Dubai’s mainland is relatively straightforward. In general, business establishment requirements are not complex, but making the wrong choices can cause major setbacks. In such a situation, hiring a professional company can prove to be a great solution.


To start a business in the mainland of Dubai, you must have an established legal entity that will work within the limitations of the UAE government. The requirements for establishing a business on the mainland are quite simple. You can even apply for a company in as little as 15 minutes. After that, you will need to get the approvals of government entities to start your business. In the end, the choice between a free zone and the mainland is largely based on the audience of your business.


For entrepreneurs, the costs of setting up a business on Dubai’s mainland can be considerably less than those in the emirates. For one thing, office rents in the mainland are typically lower than in the emirates. Another way to reduce the initial start-up cost is to choose office space in a less-demand area. In addition, some businesses are subject to special business license categories that must be obtained for specific activities.

Market entry strategies:

A common strategy for entering the UAE market is partnering with a local entity. This can reduce risks associated with establishing a business, as the local entity can bring knowledge about the laws and customs of the country. In addition, partnering with a local entity can allow for more efficient operations and reduce startup costs.

Establishing a successful market entry strategy is crucial to establishing a successful business in a foreign country. In the UAE, for example, a successful entry strategy requires the establishment of a long-term relationship with existing companies in the market. This approach will give the company a leg up on the competition.

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