A Thorough Guide To Various Types Of Tailoring Suits

Historically, suit tailoring in Dubai has come in many varieties. Those in fashion are familiar with single-breasted, high-waisted fitted coats that are made of fabric that has broad stripes. Around 1911, a famous tailor sparked the pencil skirt trend by liberating the torso from the corset while imposing a new constraint. These changes drew a line between the functional uses of a suit and the fashionable ones.

Custom tailoring suits:

While shopping for a custom tailoring suit, it is important to remember that you can’t go by just looks. You must look deeper into what makes a suit fit you well. The tailoring business you choose must pay attention to the details, including measurements. The exact fit of a suit depends on the measurements you give. A non-professional tailor can’t offer a proper estimate. As a result, you may end up with a suit that doesn’t fit you correctly.

Double-breasted jackets:

Among the tailoring suit styles, double-breasted jackets are one of the most striking. This classic cut is bold and flashy but doesn’t have to be. A Black double-breasted suit offers classic elegance. Pair this suit with muted patterns or just one color. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style. A double-breasted suit is one of the few that screams “coming to the party.”

Gauntlet cuffs:

You might not know it, but tailoring suits can now have a gauntlet cuff, a decorative detail that is more common in smoking jackets. This unique detail is the direct descendent of smoking jackets, which were originally made for smoking. The term “dinner jacket” was coined in the same era as the smoking jacket. Interestingly enough, the modern dinner jacket is one of the most commonly worn suits today.

Unlined suit jackets:

When choosing a tailoring suit, you can choose between unlined or lined jackets. Both styles are versatile and allow you to express your style. The benefits of lined jackets are obvious: they are breathable and allow the body to regulate temperature more efficiently. The unlined version is easier to tailor and can double as a sports coat. It is also easier to pack and fold. And, the double layer of cloth keeps out moisture better than a single-layer jacket.

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